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Storm Cuts Roads: Update

posted May 30, 2012, 8:31 AM by Gilsum Rec   [ updated Jun 6, 2012, 5:40 PM by Robert Mitchell ]
6/6: White Brook Road remains closed. Town officials will begin construction of a temporary bypass road on Monday and expect to have access to residents by the middle of next week. 6/2 Belvedere opened to single lane traffic. White Brook closed. 6/1: All roads open except Belvedere and White Brook. Road agent: Damage to Gilsum roads worse than 2005 flood. 3/31 10 PM: Route 10 still closed but passable. All sections filled in with gravel. Belvedere still a mess. Noon: Centennial Road repairs completed. Road open. Route 12 open. 8AM: Route 9 open. Centennial Hill Road should be finished today.
3/30 4:45 PM: River Road to 12A is open; Alternate: Route 12A to 123S to Gilsum Mine Road South into Main Street. Route 10 North: Closed for 2 days. Route 9: Closed. Route 12: Slated to open this afternoon. Belvedere Road: Closed. Vessel Rock: partially open; White Brook Road: impassable; Centennial Hill: under construction; should open Thursday; Mack Road: closed; Converse Road: Washed out; Nash Corner: passable. Church Street: Covered in debris but passable. Flood waters 1 foot deep engulfed several homes there. On Vessel Rock some some chasms in the road reported to be 7 feet deep. One home at the bottom of Vessel Rock Road  was flooded after runoff from Bingham Hill forced its way through the front door. Click NH DOT State map for list of closed roads in the area. Finch Way: Severe erosion. One family rescued last evening from rising floodwaters.